Saturday, May 26, 2012

Medieval Spell Trailer

I bet my veiwers have known that I right this seires called "Cats on the Run" if they read my Profile. And my next book will drive you crazy. When Little Yely finds a gem in the dump, his world turns medieval. The onley way to get back is to defeet the evil dragon king, Cinder. Watch the video to get a sneak peak.Take the quiz below. 1.What is Little Yely's power? 2.What is Panda Po? 3.What did Little Yely and Super Hershey fight in Paris? 4.What is Little Yely? 5.What is Fungess? 6.What was the object that was in the gingerbread house? 7.Where did Little Yely go after Atlantis? 8.What is Pretty Kitties's job? 9.Where dose Super Hershey live? 10.Who did the Mayor pick to find the money first?

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