Thursday, January 12, 2017

C@t Adventures

   Hey guys, it's Camden. Man, this blog has been here for ages. I started this when I was in second grade, so that would be somewhere around 2010 or 2011. Some of you have stuck with the blog since, well, forever. So today, I thought I would put a sad end to the blog.
   It's not what you think. Let me explain. As you may or may not know, I aspire to be an author one day. I want to write books and/or scripts for films. I was thinking around New Years, that a resolution for me could be to write on the blog more and improve my writing skills for the future. And I got to thinking, I don't want to rename this blog to Camden's Community anymore. I would like C@t Adventures to stay as it is. I want it to almost be like a scrap book for myself, and you guy too. I have around five years of crazy videos, terrible spelling, and ideas for things I knew wouldn't be possible to make. It was just my little brain working at fifty miles per hour. So I have restored the blog somewhat to it's previous state, in order for it to be memory lane.
   So what will I do now? Well, I'm still going to work on my YouTube channel as I always have. Making gaming videos and vlogs to widen my virtual scrap book. I am also going to make an official Camden's Community blog, separate from this URL. Just to start with a clean site, and a more organized one at that. I'll write my fan fictions there, I'll write about my life, and also post videos as I did with this blog. If you enjoy what I do here, but wish there were more order to it all, head on over to my new blog. The URL is:
   I hope you guys aren't too sad by my decision. Why should you be? I just want to preserve this blog as I started it, so I can come back and remember what I'd get myself into at times. I hope you guys can all head over to my new blog, and as always check out my YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Warriors Cats BlogClan Roleplay [1] Welcome to BlogClan

   Finally the time has come for me to release the first episode of my new series! Hype! Well, here it is! My new series is... Warriors Cats BlogClan Roleplay! Hope you guys enjoy!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 6 Predictions

   Hey there guys! Today I wanted to discuss my predictions for Minecraft Story Mode episode six! This episode releases tomorrow and I wanted to make some guesses on how it will turn out.
WARNING!!! SPOILERS GUARANTEED!!! Click here to watch my gameplay playlist if you are not caught up.
   So episode six is titled, A Portal to Mystery. In episode five, Order Up, we traveled to a temple where we found an ancient flint and steel. This allowed us to open a portal to a city in the sky. After saving the city from a former bully, Aiden, we discovered a portal we thought would take us home, but it led us to a hall of portals.
   I suspect this collection of portals was created by the old builders, mentioned by Ivor in episode five. He explains how an old group of builders, older than the Order of the Stone, experimented with portals. Hence our prediction the Sky City portal was made by the old builders.
   When episode 6 begins, I think we'll still be speechless in the hall of portals. I have no idea how we'll choose a portal to go through, but I do know it'll lead us to a world filled with zombies, based opon the trailer. We'll be invited to take shelter in a mansion, where we'll meet the five YouTubers that join us.
   In the trailer, it is explained we have to solve a murder mystery and defeat a being called, the White Pumpkin. I have a couple predictions about the mystery. My first idea is that we have to find out who died, and why the White Pumpkin did so. Later on in the story, we'll discover the White Pumpkin is secretly the missing person in disguise, trying to kill us all.  My second idea is that we need to find out who the White Pumpkin is, and why they murdered who they did. This idea is only different because the White Pumpkin may not be the murdered person.
   I also have a prediction on who dies. The trailer says someone does die, and I believe who ever dies is the White Pumpkin's victim. I think one possibility may be this random red headed girl you can see in the trailer. Unless it's LD Shadow Lady, I think it's a random person who also is taking refuge in the mansion. 
   Finally I'll discuss my predictions for who the White Pumpkin is. One possibility is that it could be a member of the Order trying to seek revenge. I for some reason suspect Gabriel, but I think Soren is more likely. He may be trying to get back at us for exposing the Order's secret. However, I don't think Soren is capable of murder. My last possibility is that the White Pumpkin is one of the YouTubers. I only watch Stampy and Stacy, so I don't know enough about the others to rule them innocent.
   This episode is going to be action packed and full of surprises. I can't wait to play it tomorrow! Until then, I'll write you guys soon!


Sunday, June 5, 2016

BlogClan Fursona Drawings

   Hey guys, today I wanted to showcase some of my drawings of some of my BlogClan clanmates. Here they are!
   Hope you guys liked them, I'll try to post some more artwork here. However, until then, I'll write you guys later!


Channel Update (And New Series Sneak Peak)

   Hey guys, Camden here giving you guys a channel update. After the video, look further down to find a screenshot of a new series I'll be starting!!!

New Series Sneak Peak
   Okie dokie, so when I recorded that video, I didn't have this idea. Wednesdays do have a series that will start this week after all. It is a modded series, and it revolves cats. This screenshot may or may not give you too much of a hint, but here it is anyway.
   There you have it. The series will premier Wednesday, and will be an ongoing series.
    Can't wait to show it to you guys!!! :D Until then though, I'll write you soon.


Warriors Fan Article: The Apprentice Quest Predictions

   Hey everyone, I'm back once again writing a fan article! Now I just finished the Dawn of the Clans series of Warriors yesterday, so I am now on to The Apprentice Quest!
   The majority of you guys have most likely already read TAQ, but since I have not, I will make my predictions and later write another post once I have finished, discussing the book and further predictions.
   The Apprentice Quest takes place soon after Bramblestar's Storm. The main characters of the book are, Bramblestar and Squirrelflight's kits, Alderpaw and Sparkpaw.
   Alderpaw, my guess based on the book summary, will become a medicine cat apprentice that receives a hard to decipher vision. Leafpool or Jayfeather, will advise Alderpaw to go on a quest based on what the vision is about.
   I believe the vision will be about the lost SkyClan. It'll probably explain that the clan needs to be found and reunited with the other four. In Bramblestar's Storm, Bramblestar finds interest in Sandstorm's story about how Firestar and herself went to rebuild the clan shortly after the battle with BloodClan. This foreshadows that Alderpaw will go on a journey, probably with Sandstorm, to find SkyClan and return them to the lake.
   One question I wonder about is, why is Alderpaw being trained as a medicine cat  apprentice, if ThunderClan has two medicine cats. My guess is that ShadowClan's medicine cat, Littlecloud, has died. Since he is the only ShadowClan medicine cat, Rowanstar probably will recruit Leafpool into training a new ShadowClan apprentice to be a medicine cat.
    I bet Alderpaw and Sandstorm go to find SkyClan and only find two members, in which they bring back to the clans. (That's my guess because I kinda read the summary for Thunder and Shadow)
   Well that's my prediction for The Apprentice Quest, I hope you guys enjoyed. I'll write another post after reading TAQ to discuss what happened and my predictions for Thunder and Shadow. But until then, I'll write you guys later!


Friday, May 6, 2016

Warriors: The Escape (Chapter 1)

 Hey guys, sorry I've been inactive for so long. I'll try to post more once school ends. But for now, here's chapter one of Warriors: The Escaoe


Coralfur has lived in the forest his whole life, but as a group of badgers move in and drive Coralfur's clan, OceanClan, and the two other clans, SandClan, and CloudClan out of their home, Coralfur must help his clan find a new home. But the way to get there is even more dangerous than the Badgers. Will the Clans make it? Or will they loose cats one by one?
 Coralfur stepped out of the warriors den and took in a deep breath of the fresh green-leaf air. He saw Tidetail organizing hunting patrols, and headed over to her.
"As you all know, we are very low on warriors, so our way of patrolling will be different." she exclaimed. "Seagullfeather, you and Clamfoot will go on border patrol, check the CloudClan border, the SandClan border, and especially the Twoleg place border. We don't want anymore kitty pet trouble."
Coralfur heard Seagullfeather whisper to Clamfoot, "This is ridicules, I should be able to stay here in camp with Sealheart, not be on patrols all day.
Coralfur remembered that Sealheart, Seagullfeather's mate, was nursing their two kits, Wavekit and Fishkit.
"Tidetail," Coralfur began, "I believe it's been six moons since Sealheart gave birth to the kits. Will they be made apprentices soon?"
Tidetail nodded, "Yes, I spoke with Conchstar yesterday about that, their apprentice ceremony will be tonight." She headed toward the camp entrance, "Your on hunting patrol with me, let's go."
Coralfur reluctantly followed her out of the camp. "I can't wait for the kits to help out around here. It'll give us a chance to take shorter patrols."
"Indeed," Tidetail agreed, "We all need a rest from the extra patrols."
Suddenly, there was a noise that sounded from the bushes. The two cats unsheathed their claws. The noise didn't come from a cat, was it prey?
The bush shook and a rabbit shot out running past the cats.
"Catch it!" Tidetail yelled.
Coralfur sprinted after the rabbit. He dodged a thorn bush and leaped over a fallen tree before he finally caught it.
Picking up the rabbit, Coralfur scanned his surroundings. He was still in OceanClan territory, but apparently an abandoned part. There was a big cave, and few trees.
Why hadn't Coralfur seen this part of the territory before?
Suddenly, a loud grunt sounded from the cave. Coralfur was scared out of his fur, so he picked up the rabbit and ran back to camp as fast as he could.
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