Friday, July 13, 2012

Amulet Powers

I was talking to Sensie about Shadow Ninjas. Listen to this interveiw and take notes.
Sensie, are Shadow Ninjas real? "I can't tell you that. This dojo holds many secrets. But I will tell you this, the dojo has under ground caves. I havn't gone down but you could." I heard the amulet is a key to the Shadow Dojo, is it true? "Mabey, mabey not, but it is a power sorce. It could attract Shadow Ninjas, if there real." How will that happen? "You need each stone." Well I have the Fire Stone, Water Stone, and Shadow Stone. But not the Snow Stone. When will Snow Ninjas come? "Not sure, when it snows the time comes." Thanks Sensie. "Oh and I will give everyone a Player card of me to print out." Thanks Sensie.

Keep Waddling,
Hershy Bug

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