Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Toys, Toys, and Recammendations

It is time for Toy, Toys, and Recommendations. To start, we will introduce Epic Micky 2. After the last adventure with Mickey,  the Mad Doctor has come back! And quakes are happening every minute. Can Mickey and his buddy, Oswald, save Wasteland from the Quakes? Also, is the Mad Doctor even good?
Now it is time to dance all around in the new, Just Dance Disney Party. You can play up to four players and dance to songs like Calling All The Monsters, Everybody wants to be a
, Hang in there Baby, and much much more.
What about the new, Skylanders Giants! If you get the Will version, it comes with Tree-Rex! Help the Skylanders stop Evil with new giants!
Finally is the new KindleFire. Download tv episodes, movies, songs, apps, and more.
Well that's all. We will see you tomorrow. Oh! Kwanzaa begiens today too.

Keep Exploring,
Camden Anderson 

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