Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cat Adventures News

Time for our monthly news. Well now here is our plan for today.

  • New New New Year
  • Shadow Ninjas Meeting
  • The Real Queen Boo Boo
  • Lots of Art
  • Hidden Warrior Facts
  • What is next for Little Yely
  • Cat City

New New New Year!
What a year. Oh! Did you see our 2012 video? Well, here it is just in case.
So this year is all new. This News post is mostly that.

Shadow Ninja Meeting
OK, get ready. This is going to be long. Now that the craziness with Dragons, Giant Robots,Pop Stars, Fruit Temples, ghosts, Blackouts, and cookies is over, we can continue to focus on Shadow Ninjas! Lets review, Shadow Ninjas are mysterious ninjas that hide all over Club Penguin. See?
 They said it would be during a blackout in June. But the blackout was in November and they where not there. So we have found several ways to find them.

1. During the Medieval Party, go every way in the under ground tunnel. You could find them.
2. The Amulet in the Ninja room that you can access when you get your black belt, you need a penguin with a fire suit on, a water suit, and a snow suit. The problem is that, the snow suits are not out yet. But we will talk about that later. That is all. Then you need to dance. But no penguins can be in the room for a long time.
3. Just explore underground.

But don't you think Snow Ninjas should come first? Lets do some more investigating. Email or comment on what you have found.

The Real Queen Boo Boo
Queen Boo Boo was never an evil boo boo. She was a sweet boo boo. So mabey she will turn good again. What do you think?

Lots of Art
We will soon have lots of new art. But you will have to wait.

Hidden Warrior Facts
  1. Did you know the first leaders of the clans where, Thunderstar, Riverstar, Windstar, and Shadowstar?
  2. Midnight the badger lives at Sundrown place.
  3. The lost clan is called SkyClan.
  4. Thunderstar was orange like Firestar.
What is next for Little Yely
This season of Cats on the run is Crazy! But it isn't over. Little yely still has to dance, fight the Oldy Twins, enter the Catlimpics, discover the treasure of the Space Cat Temple, find out Panda Po is a, oh better not tell you about the 4 part episode. I will just cross that out.

Cat City
Have you been to the new Cat City Page? You can visit the Cat Adventures Office, watch shows at our Movies, Play games at the Arcade, read at the Library, or play around in Hershey's Fun House.

Keep Exploring, Never use my advise, Keep wadling, be brave,
Cat Adventures

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