Thursday, January 31, 2013


Next month is Fooduary! With new episodes, shows, and charecters. First up on...

Cats on the Run
The town has bandits in town. But is it Little Yely's Granma?


Blog Ninjas
Zombies will eat your Hardrive! Blog Ninjas is at it agian teaching the Little Boy all about internet safty.
After that...

Boo Boo Land
Queen Boo Boo sends out robot teeth to eat Boo Boo Land! Can they stop her?
Ant Wars
The ants must team up to excape the Lawnmower. Can they stop the giant Lawnmower?

And the new shows are Pecan Wars and Cookie and Muffin.

Pecan Wars
This show is based on real pecan collecting at Zado Park in Mellisa Tx.
Cookie and Muffin
Cookie and Muffin are best friends. But when they go to the food court in a mall they have fight away Pretzal Pirets and Cinamon Cyporgs. Can they survive?

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