Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kitty Puffle

Today a monster was in my igloo! He put a spell on me and sent me to the Ice Burg.

This monster their ( I think was the leader) had a cage with a Kitten inside! But it wasn't a kitten, it was a kitty puffle! I got a couple other penguins to help fight the monsters. Then I found a note with the kitten puffle. So I asked him some questions.
Hershy Bug: Why are you here?
Puffle: I was on my way to the puffle gathering when a monster traped me. I think all the other rare puffles are traped to! Here is me and the others.
Movie Star Magic
Bubble Gum Fire
Bumble Bee Storm
Choclate Kitty
Doctor  Ice
We will find out more soon.

Keep Wadling,
Hershy Bug

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