Friday, March 15, 2013

Cat Adventures News

Hello. This is a mysterious addition of, Cat Adventures News. Here is our schedule.

  • Fire Puffle Spotted
  • Puffle Party
  • Campbell's New Fashions 
  • Moshling Contest
  • Happy St. Patrics Day

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Fire Puffle Spotted
We have spotted the Fire Puffle today. See,

Puffle Party

Campbell's New Fashions

I'm so glad my brother Camden let me have my own page. Here are my newest Fashions!

This one is called Puppy in a Puddle.

This is called WWF shirt. You can donate money to WWF to help animals around the world.

And finally this one is called...
The Pet Sitter!

You can get Campbell's newest fashions at Cat World at the top of the blog. Comment on what you like about these fashions.

Moshling Contest

Happy St. Patrics Day

Cat Adventures

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