Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cat Adventures News

Yeah! What a day, and to continue, is Cat Adventures News! Here is the schedule.

  • Chatty Cats
  • Link Pages
  • Book Month
  • New Fashions
  • Super Macy!
  • Welcome Nutty MC Nutterson
  • Warriors the SHOW!
  • May 5th
Chatty Cats
So on the new, Cat World there is a new  Update! We have more games, avatars (See New Fashions for more), and a chat zone. Click here to see the chat room. You can also choose different avatars to.
We also have famous avatars.
Link Pages
We put Links to all the blogs on the page bar. Just a note.
Book Month
That picture we showed you a couple days ago means Book Month! We will talk about books!
New Fashions
Cat world has a new update! With fashions! See, these are from Cats on the Run.

 This next one is Hershey.
Super Macy
My cousin Macy and Campbell (You know her) have helped to make a new show called Super Macy! Our first episode is this.
Welcome Nutty MC Nutterson
We have a new writer, Nutty MC Nutterson!
Warriors: The Show
During book month we will have a new Warrior show. Each episode is a book. But Warrior specials can sometimes be between books.
May 5th
May 5th is Camden's Birthday. So we will celebrate with silly stuff like this.
Oops not that.
Your friends,
Cat Adventures

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