Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cat Adventures News

Shhhh. Ok we are clear, today is Campbell's birthday so we will make a video for her. Here is our schedule.

  • Super Macy
  • The Summer Games
  • Cruz
  • Cat Adventures Fave Pics
  • Blog Kids' Diaries
  • Campbell's Birthday
  • More
Super Macy
Super Macy is coming to Cat Adventures! See,

The Summer Games!
This Summer Cat Adventures is having the summer games! On the blog and world! Have you seen the video?

Oh and a couple days ago we posted a picture about summer, those are going to be added to!

Oh and I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Nutty Mc Nutterson.

Coming Soon!

Cat Adventures Fave Pics

Blog Kids' Diaries
We will be having a new page were the blog kids will post new ideas, news, and more once a week.
Campbell's Birthday
 Happy Birthday Campbell!

Your friends,
Cat Adventures

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