Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blog Rumble: Part 1

Welcome! To part one of Blog Rumble Best Posts! I will put posts from the blogs to help you decide!

Post: Hip Hip Hurray! We've done it!
by Bazelhurrow on July 2nd, 2013
We’ve hit the big 400,000!
400,000 views over the last year.
Thank you for continuing to visit the blog over that time, and for being so supportive and excited by everything we do. And so, from Kate and I, a humongous thank you, to everyone on the blog, no matter how long you’ve been here.
So, what comes next? Well, the July Gathering is starting to come together (complete with its own unique blog makeover for the day), and we’ve got our redesign coming next week. There’s plenty to come on Warriors: The Game, including more music, and proper screenshots, and plenty of images of cats wandering through forests therein. And something else coming which I’ll keep a secret until a later date.
Anyway; we can’t thank you enough for helping us become so successful!
Now, what about that champagne I mentioned?

Julia's Cat Blog

Post: Codes
Find the messages in the codes


Mackenzie Cline's Adventure Blog
Post: M&Ms
M&M's are like the best candy EVER!!!!!!!! M&M's melt in your mouth like ice cream. You must try M&M ice cream. It is the BEST ice cream EVER!!!!!!
What Blog are you voting for? Look for the poll under Hershey's Buddies!
Shhhh I'm a spy,
Secret Spy Lion

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