Saturday, July 6, 2013

Camden's Top Ten Fave Videos

Long title. Oh well, so today we will... List Camden's top ten favorite videos! Uh, yah, um, Hershey can you please let me finish next time. Ok. Lets start with video 10!
That video has been... Added to the boys section of the blog! Hershey! Sorry, I forgot. Lets just go to video 9.


That is a catchy song, don't you... Yes! Rrrrr. Icepaw, can you play video 7?


Ha Ha. How... Ha Ha Ha! So silly, Whoo! let's do it agin! Hershey, time for number 5, now time to watch it agin. Start number 5!
Time for... Number 3!
Ooo, number 2, lets... start number 2! Hershey, I bet you can't stop interrupting me by the end of the post. It's on!
 Time for... Number 1!
 Yah! This was fun! Hershey! What? You didn't interrupt me! Oh Yah! Ok thanks for watching bye! What? Hershey n...

Ok sorry, Hershey stopped me from talking. Well see you soon!

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