Friday, August 23, 2013

Night of News

Welcome to this new addition of Night of News! Schedule is below!

  • This September
  • New Shows!
  • Warriors Takeover
  • Disney Infinity
  • Soon this year! 
This September
This September is back the school month! Wait! Do you have everything?
    And with Summer ending, email us a cool talent you have to of what you did this Summer. If your talent is writing, write a story, if you can sing, sing a song about your Summer! Take videos, send pics, or just a story will do.

    New Shows!
    Hello, this is Nutty Mc Nutterson speaking today about new Shows coming to the blog. We said we would that we would to them but we ran out of time. So here are the shows!
    Warriors the Show
     Cookie and Muffin
     Animal Heroes

    Warriors Takeover
    Hi guys, this is Icepaw reporting the Warriors Takeover is coming in 3 days! But strange things are happening, Hershey spotted the Sky and ground change but that's is not all that is morphing!
    We this this Cat is hiding in the Forest making these spells.
    So are you ready for the Warriors Takeover?

    Disney Infinity
     Hello, this is Buck the Banana here, saying you should try Disney Infinity!
    Disney Infinity

    Soon this year
Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.

See you soon,

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