Thursday, August 1, 2013


  Hershey has seen the Summer sand and sky turn to grass, sidewalks, and a different sky she doesn't know about. She went to Icepaw and asked, "Icepaw, something strange is going on." Then described the sittings. "Ah," started Icepaw "the season is changing. Summer is turning to fall soon. And school is coming up. That's why." "Oh" said Hershey, then she carried on.

  More changes will be happening to the blog. Keep watch for strange sittings. Comment or email us at Icepaw also seems to be a bit happy. Every time we ask Icepaw what's going on, Icepaw just go's into a room and shuts the door. Hershey thinks she should spy on Icepaw.

  Before I go, BlogClan is winning round 2 of Blog rumble. Keep voting! Oh and check out Cat World's new update!

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