Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Night of News

Welcome to this new addition of Night of News! Here is our schedule.
  • This October
  • New Episodes
  • Minecraft Comics
  • Dog Adventures
Wait wait wait. Dog adventures? Oh yeah, Campbell is planning on her own blog called, Dog Adventures! We will do that last.
This October
He he he, I'm back! Oh, it's me, Hershey, your Black Cat Month host! And this years takeover is meow-tastic! Lots of new shows are coming and... Wait! Why don't I just show you! Lights, Camera, Action!
Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.
Well, see you there!
New Episodes!
Meow, hi there, it's me Icepaw with news about new episodes of your favorite Cat Adventures Shows! Lets see!
Cats on the Run
Meet the newest villains in the season finally of Cats on the Run. Grandma yely's poker trophy is missing, and Little yely has been framed. Can Little yely and Panda po get it back?
Blog Ninjas
Little yely has found a secret about his friend, Panda po, and Panda po's computer is infected by a virus that is more powerful than the computer world. Join the battle in Ninjas on the Run! A four part adventure coming soon.

Cookie and Muffin
Meet a smart cookie and a curious muffin as they get stuck in a mall. The new show cookie and muffin is coming to Cat Adventures.

Warriors: The Show!
Join the warriors in their battles and journeys in Warriors: The Show.

Animal Heroes
What happens when you combine a chinchilla, cat, dog, snake, and a horse with super powers? You get the newest show on Cat Adventures, The Animal Heroes!

5th Grade Wipeout
Can you survive burning slides, fast tire swings, and spinning monkey bars? Well these kids can in 5th Grade Wipeout. See it soon on Cat Adventures!

Minecraft Comics

Dog Adventures
Is it time yet? Yes, ok, Campbell is making her own blog called Dog Adventures! We will add a link in the page bar that will take you there once we get the blog up and running. So keep watching the blog to see if we got it ready. Hershey, what are you doing?  I'm refreshing the blog every 7 seconds to see if the other blog is on yet! :[

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