Saturday, December 7, 2013


We have a new Update to Cat Adventures! Cutens! They are like puffles but are cats. They each have a different personality.  So we will talk about them today!
The orange cuten is a happy one that will like almost anything!

Red Cutens love candy! Any candy will do. Give them anything else and they won't like you. So if you like candy the red cuten is for you.

Are you a cook? How about a chief? If you are the blue if for you! They love cooking. Don't be surprised to have a buffet ready in the morning.

Like to be clean? Well so does the yellow cuten! They don't like the Brown Cutens though. Don't have a brown cuten and a yellow cuten together. There is no wondering what will happen.

Green Cutens love nature! If you are a nature lover to, these cutens are for you! But these cutens are a bit too obsessed  with nature. (Aka: Tree Hugger Cutens)

These cutens are very very naughty. They are also known as the Greedy Cutens because they are very greedy. Don't pick this one if they will steal your stuff.

Like I said, Brown cutens and yellow cutens can't live together, because brown cutens are messy. Don't take one is you want a clean home.

These cutens are easy. They sleep 23 hours a day. The 1 other hour is for eating, drinking, and going to the little cutens room.

And the winner of the race is, a black cuten? These cutens are very athletic. They are hard to keep because they need lots of walks and attention. They need a treadmill for the night.

Pink Cutens are very fashionable. They need an outfit for every hour. Get this one if your rich. These cutens also always get there way.

Tuffies are dangers with cutens. Make sure you don't have these with cutens.

Well all of these cutens will soon be available in the cuten shop on Cat World with more cutens coming soon.

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