Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Night of News

Night of News is back! Hope you had a merry holiday. Below we have today's Schedule!
  • Kid President Marathon
  • Best of 2013
  • Game Reviews
  • Movie Review
  • Lego Movie Trailer
  • Cat Adventures Winter Olympics
Kid President Marathon
Go Kid President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best of 2013
Game Review Time for a game review! I'm your host, Nutty Mc Nutterson! Our first game is going to be Freaky Forms Deluxe!
 Freaky Forms Deluxe
This game is a cool game where you make your own formey (character) and go on quest! You can give your formey a name, design, voice, and more! Going in Dungeons let you battle other formeys and save King Roy from the bosses. This game deserves a 5 star!
Juice Cubes
Juice Cubes is a game where you help cubes in need. It is like Candy Crush, but it has juice cubes that you slice. Just like Candy Crush you have lives. Loose them all and you must wait for more to come. I say this game should have a 4 star.


Movie Review
Did I mention we are starting Movie Reviews? Ha Ha. Nutty Mc Nutterson here, I'm here to tell you about Walking with the Dinosaurs.
* * *
This Movie is about a Dino named Patchy. This Movie takes place in the crustaceous period. The movie shows his life leading up for him to be a great leader. This movie in my opinion deserves a 3 star. It was not as good as I thought it would be. Next month we will review the Lego Movie!
The Lego Movie Trailer
Cat Adventures Winter Olympics  

Cat Adventures Winter Olympics

Hi there, Hershey here. It is true, Cat Adventures is competing with Dog Adventures for the Winter Olympics. Online Olympics anyway. For a sneak peak, I will be competing with a dog named Wrigly from Dog Adventures in figure skating. We will then see who is the best. (Wrigly is like a dog version of me) See you then.

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