Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Bully (Story)

   Billy looked up. It was a nice day, the sun was shinning, the leaves on trees were swaying, and it was a nice temperature out. He ran over to the playground. Then he saw Pablo standing in front of a small boy Billy didn't know.
   "You are so small you can't run fast!" said Pablo loud enough for everyone, except the teachers, to hear.
   "Well I am just small." said the boy politely. "What does it have to do with speed?"
   "Did you talk back to me?" Billy did not like how Pablo was speaking. "Because, if people talk back to me, they owe me lunch."
   Billy looked around the playground. He spotted Mrs.Jones was standing next to the basketball court.
   "Mrs.Jones!" yelled Billy as he ran toward his teacher. "Pablo isn't being nice to that small kid over there!"
   Mrs.Jones looked over to the fight that was taking place near the slide. "Don't worry." she said. "I'll take care of it." she walked over to the slide where Pablo and the boy stood. "Pablo! What is going on over here!
   Pablo released his grip of the small boys shirt. "Mrs.Jones! Uh, I was, he was," Billy saw Pablo starting to shuffle his feet.
   "Eric," started Mrs.Jones, "was he being mean to you?" Eric nodded. "You may go then." Pablo sneakily tried to walk away but was caught. "Pablo! I didn't mean you!" Pablo turned around and walked back. "From now on you will have detention."
   Pablo frowned. "Fine." he said walking away.
   "Thanks Billy for telling me." Mrs.Jones smiled and walked away.

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