Monday, April 7, 2014

Night of News

Hello there! I'm Hershey giving you our new night of news! Hi Hershey. Ok guys, here is our schedule.
  • Book Month
  • Birthday Month
  • Kid President: Declaration of Awesome
  • Blog Kid sneak peak
  • Game Reviews
  • Roblox Update
  • Show Break
Book Month
   Hi there! Icepaw here. This upcoming month (May) is Book Month and Birthday Month! (scroll down to see that though) In Book Month, a picture will be posted of a scene in a book series out of Warriors, Spirit Animals, and Survivors. There will be a new picture a couple times a week.
   Ps. There might be some spoilers.
Birthday Month
   Now also in May like Icepaw said, will be Birthday Month. There are a few birthdays in May coming up. Here they are.
  • Camden's (May 5th)
  • Campbell's (May 25th)
  • Blog Anniversary (May 13th)
   First is my birthday. Then Campbell's. For us, we will have a small birthday post.
   But then on the 13th, it will be the blog's 3rd anniversary. The first post was actually on February 13th 2011. But the big stuff didn't happen till May that year!
May 5th-25th
Kid President: Declaration of Awesome
Blog Kids Sneak Peak
coming soon
Game Reviews
   Hi there. Nutty Mc Nutterson here. I have new Game Reviews! First Smash Hit.
   Smash hit is a game where you fly through a 3D world and smash anything in your way with marbles. You start with a certain amount and fly through different worlds. To get more marbles, you must smash blue crystals.
   As you play, you might want to know what you will expect. I'll tell you some things. Sheets of glass, mallets, fans, turning, lasers, ropes, moving platforms, and more.
   This game is like a Flappy Bird 2. But more involved and no birds at all. I give it a 4 star. The reason is that is has fun challenges and obstacles, but if you die you must start at the beginning all over again. To start at a checkpoint you must pay for the premium. ($1.99)
  Next is Quiz Up!
   Quiz Up is a game where you can vs. someone in a quiz battle on almost any topic. There are topics like cats, dogs, animals, minecraft, legos, apps, logos, books, history, and more.
I give this app a 5 star because of the many topics and online multiplayer fun!

Roblox Update

Show Break
   Cat Adventures is holding back new episodes of your favorite Cat Adventures Shows. But it is a good thing. 
Why? You might ask. Because we have been making shows and posting them as soon as they are uploaded to YouTube. That took us a long time to make the pictures, put them together, ad voices and music, and before all that, come up with the episode. Plus we have a ton of shows like Cats on the Run and Blog Kids.
   But they won't leave, it will just take a while to make them. The reason is so that we can have a premiere day each week for new episodes. First we will create a season 1 for every show. Then show them after the season is done.
   Then maybe, in the future, we might, just might, make DVD's for them. But for now, we will stick to season creates and premiering those shows.
   What do you think we should include to the shows. Comment below on your ideas and we will see you soon.
Your friends,

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