Friday, June 27, 2014

Warriors Super Edition: You Choose

   The Erin Hunter group has made many Warriors Super Editions. Bluestar's Prophacy, Crookedstar's Promise, Tallstar's Revenge, and more! But the question is, what will be the next super edition?😼

   In 2015, Mothflight's Vision will be released! But after, what will come?

   The great thing about super editions is that they can be in any time! Before Firestar, between series, or after Omen of the Stars!

   They must be about an interesting character. Do you think Midnight would be a good character? How about a villain like Tigerstar? 

   I made an idea! If you want to read it, just know, this next part will have spoilers❗

   My idea is Stormfur's Regret! It could be about Stormfur when he stays in the mountains with Brooke. What do you think?

   What do you think the next super editon will be about? 😸

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