Friday, July 11, 2014

Night of News

Hi everyone, sorry I have forgotten Night of News for a few months. But here we go!
  • Camden's Tech Channel
  • Movie Review
  • A New Fan Fiction
  • Game Review
  • Send em' In!
  • Spread the word!
  • Guests of Roblox
  • Hershey's Birthday
  • New Welcome

Camden's Tech Channel
Hi everyone! Camden here, I am making a new show! Where I talk all about technology. Here is the trailer.
The first episode premieres later this week.

Movie Review
 Nutty Mc Nutterson here. Camden wanted me to give this review. It is How to Train your Dragon 2!

      This movie was really good and sad. The graphics are good and the story is good to. But Camden gave it a 4 star because it was not as good as the first.

A New Fan Fiction
So the first two fan fiction ideas did get any. So the next fan fiction will be a Warriors Cats Fan Fiction! Look at the details on the fan fiction page.

Game Review
I'm back, now is a popular game, Minecraft!
   Camden thought this game was great on every version. 5 stars all the way! Now if you excuse me, I am going to sneak onto Camden's computer to play some Minecraft! I hear that you!

Send em' In
Hi, Hershey here! You 
probably read the article by Jayfrost. Well, Cat Adventures wants more articles. About anything. So please send them in and we will post them!

Spread the Word
Icepaw here! We want you to spread the word about Cat Adventures! So if you do, and prove it, we will give you a shout out on Camden's Tech Channel! So spread the word!

Guests of Roblox
So the Roblox fan fiction got 0 writers. So we are going to write the Roblox story! We will post chapter 1 soon!

Hershey's Birthday
My birthday is on the 16th! Hooray!

New Welcome

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