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Moor Runners and Tunnelers

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Moor Runners and Tunnelers
Hi everyone! I can’t believe this is my first article! Since I have not read all of the Warriors books yet, I have decided to write about a simple topic like WindClan.  If I messed up or missed some information, please let me know.
   WindClan used to be very different from all of the other clans. It was also a special clan because of their medicine cat, Mothflight, who had discovered the Moonstone and started a tradition for all the clans.
   Mothflight’s discovery was not the only thing that made WindClan special. WindClan was a speedy clan and their camp was closer to StarClan than any other clan, but again, there was more to WindClan than just that.
   In Tallstar’s Revenge, Kate showed us that WindClan had two types of warriors. Those that worked above ground were called, Moor Runners! Those who worked underground were called Tunnelers. Both sides were great and helpful, but they did not get along much.
   If you look in chapter five of Tallstar’s Revenge, you can see, Heatherstar had given Tallkit, Dawnstripe, who was a moor runner. Tallkit was excited. He wanted to be a moor runner. His parents however wanted him to follow in their paw steps and become a tunneler. When Heatherstar announced Tallkit’s mentor, they became furious.
   The leader had promised that she would make Tallkit a tunneler in chapter two. So when the promise was broken the tunnelers were mad. They needed more tunnelers to replace the ones who had been killed or moved to the elders’ den.
   This anger had started a fight in the clan debating which of the two jobs were best. Heatherstar had made Tallkit a moor runner because of his skills in games he played with the other kits.
   Now, this debate had gone on for moons before Tallkit was even born. If you think about it, it is almost like popularity in school. The moor runners acted like they were the “cool kids” and thought tunnelers were “weird” or “uncool”.
   The moor runners were always above ground and refused to walk into a dark tunnel. They spent their time on the long stretch of grass they loved, hunting rabbits, mice, and birds.
   Tunnelers loved the cold and dark soil underground. They would make escape routes and hidden paths for a way to get around quickly. If I was a WindClan cat, I’d want to be a tunneler.
   Chapter seventeen in Tallstar’s Revenge showed Sparrow, one of the rogue visitors of WindClan, had gone into a tunnel with Sandgorse ( Tallpaw’s father) and escaped a flood in the caves. Sandgorse had not however. Tallpaw had tried to go in and rescue his father, but it was too late.
   Tallpaw had accused Sparrow of killing the tunneler, but Sparrow had denied and said Sandgorse had given his life to save the rogue. The sudden death of Tallpaw’s father made him want to start training as a tunneler, but when he had asked Heatherstar, she declared there would be no more tunneling in WindClan.
   So from that moment, WindClan was ordinary like the other clans and had no more use for tunneling.

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