Friday, November 21, 2014

Warriors of the Arctic Chapter 3 by Sun-for-Two

Sorry, Sun-For-Two wrote the chapter and I forgot to post it. :P So anyway, here is now. Thanks Sun-For-Two for the chapter.

   Owlpaw found herself staring blankly into the distance. My father’s injured, a battle with IceClan is about to start, we have no cobwebs, and there is a blizzard. What else could go wrong? I mean, really? Her mouth was gaped open and eyes sad. I wouldn’t be surprised if a giant polar bear came and ate us all. Just like that. One moment we’re safe, then everything goes wrong. 
   Moosefur glanced at her. “Don’t worry, everything will be okay,” he said, “our ancestors will guide us,” and added very softly, “have some hope, Owlpaw.”
   She couldn’t help but smile at his words. “Okay, I’ll try.” 
   Suddenly, a dark pelted cat appeared in front of them. He was a large, menacing gray tom with claws that looked like he could have cut a few throats in his lifetime. In other words: he was dangerous.
   Owlpaw shivered under his presence. “What are you doing here?” he growled “You’re on PolarClan territory.”  
   Crystalfur was the first to speak. “We need cobwebs. One of our warriors is hurt, and he may-,” all of a sudden she trailed off. 
   “-die. He may die,” Owlpaw finished the medicine cats sentence, her voice shaking with grief. “My father may die.” 
   Darkwing realized the urgency of the situation, and quickly escorted them to camp. “You may speak with Flowerstorm, our medicine cat. She’ll decide if you can have the cobwebs.”
   Everyone in camp stared at Owlpaw, Moosefur, and Crystalfur as they entered. She avoided their gazes, and kept her eyes focused on the ground. 
   Sunstar walked over, blinking in surprise. Darkwing quickly informed her on what was going on. They whispered amongst themselves, making it impossible for anyone else to hear. 
   Owlpaw took in a breath of courage and glanced up, looking at their surroundings for the first time. She had never been outside her own territory before. Well, she had never been outside her own camp before now! Everything in front of her was so new, so bizarre. 
   Flowerstorm walked over to them. She was a small, harmless cat – the opposite of Darkclaw. Well, the complete opposite of Darkclaw. She touched noses with Crystalfur, then quickly took a step back.
   “I know why you three are here, and the answer is . . . no. You cannot have the cobwebs.”
   What? Owlpaw’s mouth dropped open in shock. “But . . .but  . . .but . . .,” she could barely wrap her head around the situation, let alone speak, “but, you have to! Runningstorm will die if you don’t!”
   “I’m sorry it has to be this way.” Flowerstorm looked at them sadly. “But, we’re running out of cobwebs and can’t spare any.”
   “Please reconsider,” Crystalfur said, her voice calm and collected.
   “I said no and that’s my final answer,” Flowerstorm snapped. “Now go.”   
    “So, this is how it ends? You’re just going to let an fellow clan get taken away by a rival clan?” Crystalfur narrowed her eyes, directing the question towards Flowerstorm. “Are you that heartless?”
    Flowerstorm bit down on her lip, trying to think fast. “Okay, okay! You can have the cobwebs!” she finally said. 
    Owlpaw wiped a tear from her eye. There’s no time for crying, only time for smiling! she thought, and it was true. Everything was changing for the better! After a quick visit to the abandoned flying monster, they had the cobwebs and headed home. She purred and helped carry the sticky string back to camp. There would be more trouble in the near-future, but for now they could be happy. One problem was solved – and she smiled like never before. 

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