Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Announcements

   Time for some announcements!
   We've had the Cat Adventures logo for a while, the @ sign represents the tech side of the company and the tail represents the cat side. Now that New New New Year is coming up, we're adding a slogan! It's going to be (The Future is Meow), we thought, since we are getting a slogan, we need a new logo!
   We need ideas, so we're having a contest, draw, sketch, or design a new logo for Cat Adventures and DM it to us or email it to us.
  • No gory items
  • Must be appropriate
  • Must have a cat/future theme to it
  • Must be sent in by January 1st
   1st place gets their logo to be the new logo! And they get to be gold bag members in the shop!
   2nd and 3rd get to be gold bag members in the shop, and get their logo's presented.
   Have fun, and good luck!
   Submit by January 1st
   Cat Adventures finally has an Instagram account! We'll advertise upcoming episodes of shows, and host contests! Follow us @officialcatadventures!
   On Christmas Eve, Cat Adventures is going undercover!
   First, Campbell brings Christmas to the pets, and has a special guest star that will help her sing Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer!
   Then, you better watch out, because Santa Clause, goes missing? Find out where Santa has gone in a new Let's Play Episode!
   Then, Camden is joined in Christmas Hunger Games with his friends!
   And if you think we cant get more merrier, Camden finishes off the holiday Marathon with a Holiday mash up and a Christmas sing along in a new Camden's Tech Channel!
   Then join us through the night on our Instagram where we'll keep you updated with the latest Santa Updates, as he travels across the globe!
   So if you've been naughty or nice, we've got gifts for you, all on Christmas Eve!
   What's your holiday tradition? Comment below or in the Cat Chat and let us now!
Follower of the Month: Saint Nick
   We are starting followers of the month! It could be someone who follows the blog, Instagram, YouTube Channel, or all of them!
   This month, it's a blog follower, and it's the one and only Santa!!!! It's pretty obvious why.
   If you want to let us know why you should be the follower of the month, let us know in the Cat Chat or in the comments.

   The Cat Adventures Shop is having a Holiday Sale! Go check it out!

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