Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer Writing Contest

   Summer is on it's way! And we're celebrating by having a writing contest with summer themed prompts! Read below to find the rules for this contest!

Prompt 1) It's the last day of school, and your very exited about summer break! Write about your experience of the last day of school or create a character who has their own story about the craziest day of the school year.

Prompt 2) Roadtrip! Write about your experience on a family vacation or create a character with the same situation!

Prompt 3) Your going to the beach, tell the story of either your own trip or a made up character's trip.

Prompt 4) As long as it has to do with summer, you can write it!

1) No Violence
2) Nothing Gory
3) Be Appropriate
4) Send in by June 20th

Please send your entry in an email.

Have fun everyone!

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