Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark [By: Ridley Pearson] (Review)

   Finn was just an ordinary teenager until he got the chance to be a DHI in the Magic Kingdom. A DHI is when you are recorded and turned into a hologram directing visitors through the park.
   Finn and the other four teens chosen to become DHIs find there is more to just being a digital tour guide though, when they go to sleep they turn into their DHIs in the park!
   With the knowledge of a retired Disney employee, the four teens must save the park from the Overtakers, a group of Disney villains planning to take over the the Magic Kingdom.

   In my opinion, this book deserves five stars from me. This book is great!
   The first star is given for the plot line of this book. I loved the crossover between reality and the mind of Walt Disney. I also loved how Ridley Pearson gave a logical explanation to the most far fetched topics.
   The second star goes to design of the cover. This goes for the newer cover design of the book (There are two covers, I'm talking about the one below). The cover foreshadows who might make an appearance in the book and introduces a visual reference to the characters as well.
   The third star is given for the well explained personalities of each of the teens. You've got a great team of diverse kids.
   The fourth star is given for the continuing suspension Ridley Pearson added to the story. He did a great job at keeping the plot going throughout the book. After I think the mission is about done, an obstacle appears, or that was only one step until the Overtakers can be stopped.
   The fifth and final star goes to Ridley Pearson, not actually the book. The way Pearson writes this book is similar to the way I write my stories (not warrior based ones of course). It gives me confidence that with a little adjustments to my writing, I can be a great author too!
   Overall this book gets five stars and a strong recommendation from me. I hope you all enjoyed this review, because I will be writing about the second book of the series soon!

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