Saturday, March 26, 2016

Welcome to Camden's Community (New Blog Name, look, and style)

   Welcome to Camden's Community, the new name for the blog. If you're an old viewer to the blog, you know this was C@t Adventures. I didn't get much use of the blog, and focused on my YouTube channel more. I decided to clean up the blog and use it as a central hub for all of my hobbies. From now on you'll be able to find videos, fandom discussions, news, and stories to read all from the blog. Not all old or new features are on the blog yet. Many have been removed for updating or to make room for new inclusions to come.
   With the channel, you'll be able to find new videos whenever they air. If you want to see videos from my channel, I'll post a weekly rundown on the week's latest videos. However, not all videos will be featured on the blog. If I post mini games or make-up videos (videos to fill in gaps in the schedule) they will only be found on the YouTube channel. I'll only showcase episode of series that occur weekly. These would be episodes of Minecats, Wacky Wednesday, Sister Survival, etc.
   I'll also be writing fan articles and discussions on some of my favorite books, shows, etc. I'll discuss various topics such as upcoming editions or unexplained questions. These won't be posted on a schedule, but they'll be for fun.
   I've been needing a spot to post my artwork, so I'll be using the blog to do so. I'll post pictures of my art that revolve around YouTube, books, etc. These, along with fan articles will not be scheduled. They'll just be presented whenever they're done.
   Videos won't be the only scheduled posts though, I'll also be writing books/stories regularly. The first ones have begun on my Wattpad account, so if you'd like to read ahead a few chapters that's where to go. (Account: Iceshard2003) So far, the first few books are Warriors: The Escape, and Guardians of Minecraft: Evil Rises.
   All of these posts will have labels that define and sort the posts. I'll create pages that sort the types of labels such as a videos page. You can select the page which will provide you with various options. You can select all, which will give all of the posts with the videos label. Or you could select a category such as Minecraft, which will give all the posts with Minecraft videos. This will help navigating through the blog easily.
   I hope you guys will enjoy the new look and features. I'll continue to write and enhance the site to provide you with numerous styles of entertainment. Don't be shy and say hello in the comments! They will be moderated to ensure a safe environment. Thanks again for sticking with the blog, and have a happy Easter!


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