Monday, June 6, 2016

Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 6 Predictions

   Hey there guys! Today I wanted to discuss my predictions for Minecraft Story Mode episode six! This episode releases tomorrow and I wanted to make some guesses on how it will turn out.
WARNING!!! SPOILERS GUARANTEED!!! Click here to watch my gameplay playlist if you are not caught up.
   So episode six is titled, A Portal to Mystery. In episode five, Order Up, we traveled to a temple where we found an ancient flint and steel. This allowed us to open a portal to a city in the sky. After saving the city from a former bully, Aiden, we discovered a portal we thought would take us home, but it led us to a hall of portals.
   I suspect this collection of portals was created by the old builders, mentioned by Ivor in episode five. He explains how an old group of builders, older than the Order of the Stone, experimented with portals. Hence our prediction the Sky City portal was made by the old builders.
   When episode 6 begins, I think we'll still be speechless in the hall of portals. I have no idea how we'll choose a portal to go through, but I do know it'll lead us to a world filled with zombies, based opon the trailer. We'll be invited to take shelter in a mansion, where we'll meet the five YouTubers that join us.
   In the trailer, it is explained we have to solve a murder mystery and defeat a being called, the White Pumpkin. I have a couple predictions about the mystery. My first idea is that we have to find out who died, and why the White Pumpkin did so. Later on in the story, we'll discover the White Pumpkin is secretly the missing person in disguise, trying to kill us all.  My second idea is that we need to find out who the White Pumpkin is, and why they murdered who they did. This idea is only different because the White Pumpkin may not be the murdered person.
   I also have a prediction on who dies. The trailer says someone does die, and I believe who ever dies is the White Pumpkin's victim. I think one possibility may be this random red headed girl you can see in the trailer. Unless it's LD Shadow Lady, I think it's a random person who also is taking refuge in the mansion. 
   Finally I'll discuss my predictions for who the White Pumpkin is. One possibility is that it could be a member of the Order trying to seek revenge. I for some reason suspect Gabriel, but I think Soren is more likely. He may be trying to get back at us for exposing the Order's secret. However, I don't think Soren is capable of murder. My last possibility is that the White Pumpkin is one of the YouTubers. I only watch Stampy and Stacy, so I don't know enough about the others to rule them innocent.
   This episode is going to be action packed and full of surprises. I can't wait to play it tomorrow! Until then, I'll write you guys soon!


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