Thursday, January 12, 2017

C@t Adventures

   Hey guys, it's Camden. Man, this blog has been here for ages. I started this when I was in second grade, so that would be somewhere around 2010 or 2011. Some of you have stuck with the blog since, well, forever. So today, I thought I would put a sad end to the blog.
   It's not what you think. Let me explain. As you may or may not know, I aspire to be an author one day. I want to write books and/or scripts for films. I was thinking around New Years, that a resolution for me could be to write on the blog more and improve my writing skills for the future. And I got to thinking, I don't want to rename this blog to Camden's Community anymore. I would like C@t Adventures to stay as it is. I want it to almost be like a scrap book for myself, and you guy too. I have around five years of crazy videos, terrible spelling, and ideas for things I knew wouldn't be possible to make. It was just my little brain working at fifty miles per hour. So I have restored the blog somewhat to it's previous state, in order for it to be memory lane.
   So what will I do now? Well, I'm still going to work on my YouTube channel as I always have. Making gaming videos and vlogs to widen my virtual scrap book. I am also going to make an official Camden's Community blog, separate from this URL. Just to start with a clean site, and a more organized one at that. I'll write my fan fictions there, I'll write about my life, and also post videos as I did with this blog. If you enjoy what I do here, but wish there were more order to it all, head on over to my new blog. The URL is:
   I hope you guys aren't too sad by my decision. Why should you be? I just want to preserve this blog as I started it, so I can come back and remember what I'd get myself into at times. I hope you guys can all head over to my new blog, and as always check out my YouTube channel.

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