Sunday, September 16, 2012

Minecraft Info: Ghast

I discoverd a ghast on Minecraft. Ghast are ghost. Dont get to exited. They only appre in the halloween update of the Full version of Minecraft. This is what they look like.
This is a Ghast.
They have tentalcles hanging down. See ^. They float in The Nether. They shoot fireballs out of there mouth. They make childlike sounds. They open the red eyes and mouth when attacking. They make a sound like "chierp" when shooting. They scream when attackt. They make a rattle sound when killed.
This is a Ghast fire ball.
Here are some pictures seen of Ghast.
File:2011-05-19 19.54.01.pngFile:Ghast1.pngFile:2011-09-24 15.37.07.png
Go to this link for more Minecraft info.
Minecraft Wiki.

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