Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day

   Camden here, today was my first day of 6th grade! I want to tell you all about my first day.

   So first, I was so excited, I woke up at 5:00am! I did not realize it was that early till I made my bed. Ooops. :p I sat on my bed for a few minutes, then decided to continue and get dressed.
   As I brushed my teeth, it was dark, so I turned on a few lights, then I heard a voice. I was still up at around 5:00am, and I thought everyone was still asleep. I continued and heard the voice again, I was now scared. When I finished up, I went down stairs where it was still dark, when the voice was louder, and from the shadows a large object jumped up.
   I was terrified. :O I ran as fast as I could, into my parents room. The lights in the kitchen turned on and I walked out of the bedroom. Then I found out the object was my dad.
   My dad then made me toast while I went back upstairs to grab my camera for yearbook. It was some good toast. ;p
   I had like an our before I had to leave since I woke up so early, so I watched StampyLongHead Videos on YouTube. Then after Campbell walked across the street to the elementary school, I hopped in the car for Intermediate school. I usually ride the bus, but I had to be there early to take pictures of kids getting off the bus for yearbook.
   After I took photos of the buses, I went to class. We started by looking at the schedule and saying our going home routine. After, we did the long process of putting names on folders and notebooks. :/
   Then I went to GT (gifted and talented). We started with a project! Then we went to lunch.
   My new principle made a rule where boys and girls are separated during lunch. >:(
   Then, I went to art. The art teacher told us about some project we would be doing in the year. One is where we make the school a living art museum, we study a piece of art, then make our own version of it, dress up, and stand in the hall talking about the painting. Me and Jose are doing the trees from the Lorax. ;)
   Another project that we will do in December, is where we take a wooden chair, and paint it with our favorite painting, I will do the trees again from the Lorax.
   Then we went back to GT to do the project, we ran out of time to present. :(  We had to make a item about one of the options to choose from on a list. Mine is bad. :p
   Then we learned about our math teacher in math class. Then we went home.

   So, I did a lot, and I am really exited for the rest of the year. :)

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