Sunday, August 17, 2014

Night of News (August 17, 2014)

Hi, Camden here with this months night of news! Lets get started!
  • New Dates
  • Back to School
  • Blog Kids the Game
  • Latest Episode
  • Camjam0616
  • Puffs
  • Refresh
  • History of Cat Videos
  • Blog Emoticons
  • Water Train
New Dates
Ok, I hope you guys like how our Night of News posts will now have dates in the title. Which I don't know why we need it because it already shows the date this post was published and we only do these twelve times a year. Oh well.
Back to School
Hershey here! Even though I'm a cat and can't go to school, Camden and his fellow humans do go to school. If any animals are out there reading this please let me know! :) So some people have started school already and are learning away! So here are some school tips. Which is odd because you are getting tips from a cat.
  1. Listen to the Teacher
  2. Do your Homework
  3. Meet new Friends
  4. Pet a Cat
  5. and... uh...
Oh no! I can't think of anything! Well, Hershey, I did go to a science museum where they had animal body parts displayed, and one of them was a cat's brain, it's a little bigger than a peanut. Not helping! Hmmm, oh I know! Let's watch a video!
Blog Kids the Game
Icepaw here! Camden is making a Blog Kids video game!!!! It has viruses (fake ones XD), science fairs, gold, robots, root bear, cats, and a lot more. The game is coming soon!

Latest Episode
Campbell's latest episode!

Go subscribe to him!

So my friend on Instagram (@adopt_a_puff7), can create puffs! I don't know where they come from, because she won't give me app info. Other people make puff accounts, but none give out app info! I want to know!
If you know anything about the app or how these adorable things are made, let me know!

Hi, Icepaw again, I bet you saw the pages look all clean and refreshed, we got rid of a few pages to make the blog look cleaner.

History of Cat Videos

Blog Emoticons
BlogClan has the ability to create smiley faces just by typing in :) or :( or XD or a lot of others. If we try it looks like that. So we came up with the idea of making our own smiley faces like this:

  • :)
  • :(
  • XD

Water Train
So I was at my grandparents house earlier this week while my Mom and Dad worked in their classrooms before school starts, and my grandpa showed me a way to let water run uphill! :D  He said the weight of the water pulled more water threw the empty hose up hill. If you still are not understanding I will explain it more. Think of the weight of the water as wheels. The water is a train, the weight pulls the water as long as there is water in the hose. It's like a train! If you still don't understand, as a parent or adult to explain it, if that dose not work look it up or forget about it. It is like the opposite of nature!

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