Sunday, February 8, 2015

New New New Year Updates

   Welcome to a new Night of News everyone! Well, we haven't been doing Night of News for a long time now, but we are working very very hard getting the animated shows ready for you guys. Though they aren't the best shows, they take forever!!!!! Check out the schedule below to get started!

  • Animation Wait
  • Jobs Arriving
  • Fan Fiction
  • Show Schedules
  • Minecraft Extras
Animation Wait:
   So we have been noticing that our YouTube channel has been loosing subscribers. If your unsubscribing because of all the minecraft videos I understand. The reason why we have been uploading lots of minecraft videos is because we want to give you something to watch while we make the animated shows.
   The minecraft shows are way easier to make that the other five shows. So we make lot's of them while you wait. If you don't like the minecraft show, that's ok, we are working on adding more to the blog for those who don't like minecraft.
   I know it's been a couple years since the last animated episode but we are working on a way that makes it more organized. Thanks for your understanding.
Jobs Arriving:
   Since we have been spending lot's of time on the animated shows we have not worked much on the blog or shop. Since no one is working on these sites, we will be opening jobs for you guys! We have not thought through it too much yet, but they will be open soon.
Fan Fiction:

   Sorry we have not been writing the fan fiction much lately, we've been busy and haven't had time. We are still letting people join so join if you want! We have lot's of open spots!
Show Schedules:
   Once we get our animated shows done we will be premiering them on certain days. Like a couple shows on Monday, then a couple on Friday. So below is the schedule we were thinking of.
  1. Campbell's Animal Clinic
  2. Blog Ninjas
  3. Minecraft
  1. Camden's Tech Channel
  2. Blog Kids
  3. Cats on the Run
   If you like this schedule, let us know, if you don't tell us what should change.
Minecraft Extras:
   As we've said before, Blog Ninjas won't be on for much longer. So for a replacement we will have a new minecraft series where I play adventure maps with Campbell. She is saving her money for minecraft and we are very exited for her to join us! We will probably start with playing The Sheeple Experience, if you have any good maps we should play, let us know.
Happy New Year!!!

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