Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Important News (READ NOW)

   So guys, the Cat Adventures crew has been thinking, and we are extremely busy, especially during the school year. So we have been thinking about canceling Cats on the Run and Blog Ninjas! It's to much work for me during the school year, and I need some free time. So we are only keeping Blog Kids and tour filmed shows.
   Also you'll be seeing more Minecraft episodes because one, it's the easy show to make, two, because I like my friends joining my videos, and three, we seem to be having more Minecraft fans.
   We are sorry for all of you who liked Cats on the Run and Blog Ninjas, but this is easier for me. To remember them, we will keep Panda Po on the blog banner for memory. We also won't delete the episodes off the channel.

Thanks for your understanding,
Camden A.

Ps. Cruz's birthday is on the 1st of March!

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