Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to Win a Debate [By Camden]

   Today Campbell and I had a debate over a book. She said a character had died while I said an opposing character had died! I tried to explain my reasoning, but she still didn't believe me!
   So what I did, was I looked at how I had presented my reasoning.
   The book was about a Chinese glass rabbit doll who had been passed on through different owners. Campbell's statement was that the first owner of the rabbit has passed away from a dangerous disease. I said the same but only about another character. I argued that her character had not died because she came back later in the book.
   Campbell's rebuttal was much better than mine, since it had been two years since I had read the book. The rebuttal of an argument is like the objection or the contradiction of the argument.
   For example, my statement was, "The sick girl was the one who died.". Campbell's rebuttal was, "No, because Edward" (the rabbit) "returned to the place Abilene" (the original owner of Edward) "lived."
   I didn't know how to argue back since my knowledge of the book was scarce.
   So what I did was I backed up my argument with research. I looked up the order of events online and saw that my statement was true! When my sister saw the proof, she finally surrendered and gave up.
   So if you're in an argument that you badly want to win, remember the following steps:

1. Give your Statement
2. Explain your reasoning with backup
3. Rebut the opposing statement

If you do these steps, I bet you'll win like I did.

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