Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Warriors: The Escape (Prologue)

Hello Everybody! Today I'm going to start the first chapter of Warriors: The Escape! This is the prologue that will bring you into the story! I'll have the link to the next chapter in at the bottom of the post! :)


Coralfur has lived in the forest his whole life, but as a group of badgers move in and drive Coralfur's clan, OceanClan, and the two other clans, SandClan, and CloudClan out of their home, Coralfur must help his clan find a new home. But the way to get there is even more dangerous than the Badgers. Will the Clans make it? Or will they loose cats one by one?
The air was stiff. A gray she-cat steps in front of a large stump, and waits.
A brown tom steps into the clearing and greets her. "Greetings Dolphinfur, foggy night isn't it?"
Dolphinfur nods, "Indeed it is Suntail, how's prey running in SandClan?"
"Good, and I suspect the same with OceanClan?"
Dolphinfur once again nods and they both wait. A few heartbeats later, another cat, a brown she-cat enters the clearing.
"Hawkwing, how do you explain being tarty?" Suntail teased her.
"My apologies, Grasstail is expecting kits and is getting used to the nursery." Hawkwing explained.
"Grasstail is expecting kits?" Dolphinfur asked astonished, "Who knew a fierce warrior like her would become a queen! Who'll be the father?"
"Lightningeye." Hawkwing responded.
"Excuse me ladies," Suntail interrupted "But we're loosing moonlight and we must speak with our ancestors. We only meet every half moon you know."
"Suntail's right," Dolphinfur agreed, "Let us touch our noses to the Moonstump!"
All three cats surrounded the stump and fell into deep sleep. When Dolphinfur woke up, she smelled a familiar scent. One that was feared by all cats.
"Badgers!" She hissed.
Suddenly a ghostly looking cat, glowing with stars in her pelt, stepped out from the shadows.
"Hello Dolphinfur." She meowed.
"Why do I smell that scent?" Dolphinfur's neck fur was bristling. "You know well enough what those creatures can cause."
The starry cat sadly nodded, "I am afraid our worst fear has come true. The badgers we once fought off are returning. But now they have greater numbers. Warn your clan, make sure they stay safe, and retreat the forest."
"But, where will we go?" Dolphinfur asked, but the starry cat had already faded away.
The next thing she knew, Dolphinfur was back at the Moonstump. The other medicine cats were already awake.
"You alright Dolphinfur?" Hawkwing asked.
"Yeah yeah." Dolphinfur lied, but really she was terrified of what was about to come.
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