Monday, April 4, 2016

Warriors Cats as Middle School Students

   Lately I've been drawing Warriors characters as middle school teens. I used each cat's personality to create a custom look and status for each character. Here ya go!
   First up I drew Firestar, Graystripe, and Sandstorm. Firestar is the main character of Warriors (Series One). He was born a kittypet and became a clan cat after wandering into the forest. Soon after secrets, battles, and terrible deaths, Firestar became the leader of ThunderClan. After that he defeated the evil BloodClan, found and rebuilt the lost SkyClan, had kits with his mate, Sandstorm, led the clans to their new lake home, had a prophecy about his grandchildren, and finally died after defeating Tigerstar's spirit. 
   Graystripe is Firestar's best friend. He welcomed Firestar to the clans and the two became warriors together. The gray tom trusted his friend to keep his secret love life secret when he fell in love with a RiverClan she-cat named Silverstream. Later the two had kits, but Silverstream died giving birth. After Firestar's deputy, Whitestorm, was killed in the battle with BloodClan, Graystripe became the new deputy. Graystripe was taken from the clans because of twolegs in the last four books of the New Prophecy. During his time away, he fell in love with a she-cat named Millie. She assisted him by getting him back to his clan. They finally found the cats in Power of Three. Soon, the two had three kits. Brightkit, Bumblekit, and Blossom kit. Graystripe surved his clan for many moons, until he moved to the elders den with Sandstorm in Bramblestar's Storm.
   Finally Sandstorm is Firestar's mate. She teased him when he first joined the clan, but came to love him. She traveled with him on his journey to rebuild SkyClan, which strengthened their relationship. The two had kits. Squirrelflight and Leafpool. She served her clan many moons and finally moved to the elder's den with Graystripe shortly after her mate's death. Here they are as teens:
   Next up I have Bluestar, Tigerstar, and Yellowfang. First up, Bluestar was leader of ThunderClan when Rusty (Firestar) joined the clan. Her leadership was soon questioned by her clanmates after taking in a kittypet, but she remained in control. She died when she sacrificed herself for her clan by leading a pack of dogs over a waterfall. She then helped to advise her clan from StarClan, which greatly influenced the next generations. 
   Next up is vicious Tigerstar. I thought it was only right to make him a school bully. Tigerstar was ThunderClan deputy during Bluestar's control. That was until Firestar revealed his secret intentions, which led to him being kicked out of ThunderClan. That's when he went to ShadowClan and became leader after Nightstar died. Then he led a pack of dogs into the forest, led an evil rouge clan into the forest, and was killed by a cat two times smaller than him. Then he became leader of the Dark Forest, and was killed once again by Firestar.
   Finally I have Yellowfang. The ThunderClan medicine cat actually was born in ShadowClan. She started out as a warrior apprentice, but converted to being a medicine cat apprentice after finding a hidden talent. She could sense where cats were hurt. She fell in love with Raggedstar, and had kits with him. This was against the Warrior Code for medicine cats. Her punishment from StarClan was the death of her kits. However, one survived. She named him Brokenkit because of her broken heart. She asked Lizardtail to foster him, but never told her clan he was her kit. After many moons of being bullied and abused, Brokentail killed his father and became clan leader. Yellowfang's heart broke even more when her son mistreated his clan, and banished his own mother. Yellowfang then went to ThunderClan where she became the next medicine cat. That's when she poisoned her own kit and revealed her true identity to him. She later died in a forest fire, but assisted her clan like Bluestar. Here they are as humans:
   Up next is Cinderpelt, Ravenpaw, Barley, and Lepordstar. First of all, Cinderpelt started her training as a warrior apprentice, but all her dreams drowned when she was hit by a monster. Her incident was intended to be a trap for Bluestar that Tigerstar had prepared, but Cinderpelt walked into it. She then was trained by Yellowfang to be a medicine cat. She later trained Leafpool, and died helping to deliver kits during a badger invasion. StarClan felt bad for her misfortune, so gave her a second chance. One of the kits she helped give birth to, Cinderheart, gained her spirit. Only in dreams could she remember her true identity until her dreams came true. Cinderpelt went to StarClan to let Cinderheart live happily with Lionblaze.
   Next up we have Ravenpaw and Barley. Barley lived in BloodClan with his littermates until he left to escape the torture of Scourge. He settled on a farm not too far from the clans. Ravenpaw, however, was born a true clan cat in ThunderClan. He soon learned about Tigerstar's evil intentions, so he asked Firestar, and Graystripe to help him escape. He decided to live with Barley on the farm for the rest of his life. He died shortly after the Last Hope in his sleep.
   Our final contestant, (Wait, there are contestants?) is Leopardstar from RiverClan. Leopardstar was born in RiverClan at the same time her mother and littermates died at birth. She was named after the ancient clan, LeopardClan, so she'd be known as a strong kit. She became deputy under Crookedstar's leadership, and finally became Leopardstar. When Tigerstar attempted to take over the forest, she joined him because she liked him. Once he was killed by Scourge though, she turned toward the other clans, and joined them in the battle against BloodClan. She served her clan for many moons until she died from diabetes. Here they are as humans: (And Yes, I realize Leapordstar's name is spelled incorrectly.)
   Our final group of cats/humans, are of Bramblestar, Squirrelflight, and Tawnypelt. First up, Bramblestar and his sister Tawnypelt were born in ThunderClan as Tigerstar and Goldenflower's kits. When Tigerstar became the leader of ShadowClan, he kidnapped Tawnypelt. Even though her father was killed, Tawnypelt remained loyal to her adopted clan. While she was gone, Tawnypelt's brother, Bramblestar,  was mentored by Firestar while she was away. Bramblestar and Tawnypelt were reunited temporarily when they recieved a prophecy from StarClan that explained how they had to find Midnight. The two, along with Squirrelflight, Stormfur, Feathertail, and Crowfeather set out on their journey that would save the clans in the next few books. Once they found out Midnight was a badger, they learned twolegs would be destroying their homes, and that they'd need to find a new home. The six traveled back home through the mountains, and warned the clan about the upcoming deforestation. Later on, Bramblestar became deputy of ThunderClan and was being trained in the dark forest with his father and half brother. He soon learned of their dark intentions and stopped. Once Firestar died, Brambleclaw became Bramblestar. Tawnypelt fell in love with Rowanstar and had three kits, Dawnkit, Flamekit, and Tigerkit.
   Squirrelflight was perky as a kit and apprentice. She shared a special bond with her sister, Leafpool, so they could understand how one another felt while they were separated. She helped the chosen four and Stormfur locate Midnight and save the clans, she helped raise Leafpool's kits as her own, she helped defeat the Dark Forest, and had kits with Bramblestar. Alderkit and Sparkkit. Here they are as humans:

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