Friday, May 6, 2016

Warriors: The Escape (Chapter 1)

 Hey guys, sorry I've been inactive for so long. I'll try to post more once school ends. But for now, here's chapter one of Warriors: The Escaoe


Coralfur has lived in the forest his whole life, but as a group of badgers move in and drive Coralfur's clan, OceanClan, and the two other clans, SandClan, and CloudClan out of their home, Coralfur must help his clan find a new home. But the way to get there is even more dangerous than the Badgers. Will the Clans make it? Or will they loose cats one by one?
 Coralfur stepped out of the warriors den and took in a deep breath of the fresh green-leaf air. He saw Tidetail organizing hunting patrols, and headed over to her.
"As you all know, we are very low on warriors, so our way of patrolling will be different." she exclaimed. "Seagullfeather, you and Clamfoot will go on border patrol, check the CloudClan border, the SandClan border, and especially the Twoleg place border. We don't want anymore kitty pet trouble."
Coralfur heard Seagullfeather whisper to Clamfoot, "This is ridicules, I should be able to stay here in camp with Sealheart, not be on patrols all day.
Coralfur remembered that Sealheart, Seagullfeather's mate, was nursing their two kits, Wavekit and Fishkit.
"Tidetail," Coralfur began, "I believe it's been six moons since Sealheart gave birth to the kits. Will they be made apprentices soon?"
Tidetail nodded, "Yes, I spoke with Conchstar yesterday about that, their apprentice ceremony will be tonight." She headed toward the camp entrance, "Your on hunting patrol with me, let's go."
Coralfur reluctantly followed her out of the camp. "I can't wait for the kits to help out around here. It'll give us a chance to take shorter patrols."
"Indeed," Tidetail agreed, "We all need a rest from the extra patrols."
Suddenly, there was a noise that sounded from the bushes. The two cats unsheathed their claws. The noise didn't come from a cat, was it prey?
The bush shook and a rabbit shot out running past the cats.
"Catch it!" Tidetail yelled.
Coralfur sprinted after the rabbit. He dodged a thorn bush and leaped over a fallen tree before he finally caught it.
Picking up the rabbit, Coralfur scanned his surroundings. He was still in OceanClan territory, but apparently an abandoned part. There was a big cave, and few trees.
Why hadn't Coralfur seen this part of the territory before?
Suddenly, a loud grunt sounded from the cave. Coralfur was scared out of his fur, so he picked up the rabbit and ran back to camp as fast as he could.
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