Sunday, June 5, 2016

Warriors Fan Article: The Apprentice Quest Predictions

   Hey everyone, I'm back once again writing a fan article! Now I just finished the Dawn of the Clans series of Warriors yesterday, so I am now on to The Apprentice Quest!
   The majority of you guys have most likely already read TAQ, but since I have not, I will make my predictions and later write another post once I have finished, discussing the book and further predictions.
   The Apprentice Quest takes place soon after Bramblestar's Storm. The main characters of the book are, Bramblestar and Squirrelflight's kits, Alderpaw and Sparkpaw.
   Alderpaw, my guess based on the book summary, will become a medicine cat apprentice that receives a hard to decipher vision. Leafpool or Jayfeather, will advise Alderpaw to go on a quest based on what the vision is about.
   I believe the vision will be about the lost SkyClan. It'll probably explain that the clan needs to be found and reunited with the other four. In Bramblestar's Storm, Bramblestar finds interest in Sandstorm's story about how Firestar and herself went to rebuild the clan shortly after the battle with BloodClan. This foreshadows that Alderpaw will go on a journey, probably with Sandstorm, to find SkyClan and return them to the lake.
   One question I wonder about is, why is Alderpaw being trained as a medicine cat  apprentice, if ThunderClan has two medicine cats. My guess is that ShadowClan's medicine cat, Littlecloud, has died. Since he is the only ShadowClan medicine cat, Rowanstar probably will recruit Leafpool into training a new ShadowClan apprentice to be a medicine cat.
    I bet Alderpaw and Sandstorm go to find SkyClan and only find two members, in which they bring back to the clans. (That's my guess because I kinda read the summary for Thunder and Shadow)
   Well that's my prediction for The Apprentice Quest, I hope you guys enjoyed. I'll write another post after reading TAQ to discuss what happened and my predictions for Thunder and Shadow. But until then, I'll write you guys later!


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